Other Support 

Leaving or being expelled from a community and losing your support network is often a daunting experience which can leave you feeling confused and unsure of where to turn. Along with emotional and psychological obstacles that need to be overcome there are also practical considerations, such as housing, income amongst others. Whilst we can support you in terms of offering advice and specific support in leaving a closed community, below are links to charities which specialise in mental health, child protection and housing which you may also find useful. 





Whilst our aim is to support people who have lost their support network and community because they have been expelled from or have chosen to leave and we have experience of this we do not have any theological training or specialist knowledge. We recognise that for some people leaving religious communities or who are questioning their beliefs they may wish to explore these doubts in more detail. The organisations below are religion specific organisations. If the community you are leaving is not here please contact us as we do have other links.

Escape has no affiliation with these organisations and can take no responsibility for the actions or views expressed by them or individuals associated with them