It may have been a while....

What do you enjoy doing, what are your interests? 

It may take a while to allow yourself permission to fully engage in some of the activities you previously thought of as wrong or sinful, or you may want to jump straight in, eager to be taking part in what you have been missing.

Below is a list of clubs that you may like to take a look at, there are just a few ideas as a starting point for your research. If you are unsure or do not see anything that interests you, please feel free to make contact and we can arrange a time to talk, or communicate via email if you would prefer, to discuss all the options out there and support you in the following your interests.

Escape is not affiliated with any of these organisations and can take no responsibility for actions or views on the websites or within the organisations.

Ramblers - If you enjoy walking these might be worth checking out.

Cricket - Fancy getting involved in cricket.

Rugby - Or if Rugby is more your thing.

You may have a whole host of fun activities on your doorstep, talking to those around you about what is going on locally is often a really good way of reaching out into your new community. 

Engaging in activities that you enjoy is highly likely to bring you into contact with people whose company you enjoy and are able to build lasting friendships with.

It may be difficult at first to engage with people outside of your former community. They may seem different to those with who you knew and interacted with previously. Be kind to yourself, everything takes practice, learning to engage in a new community is a brave and worthwhile choice.

Here is a link to a story of how someone confronted their social anxiety. Hopefully, it will be helpful reading.

If this is something you would like to discuss with us please get in touch.