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Escape has been set up by two sisters who left the religious community in which they were brought up after enduring a childhood of emotional, psychological and sexual abuse at the hands of those within that community.

Having the support of each other was part of what enabled them to build a life outside of the community, realising that not everyone has this support is why Escape was founded. To provide support to others wanting, or who are forced, to leave a community. Whatever the reason you are leaving, it can be a confusing and turbulent time, we want to be a calm, safe space to explore your options outside of your former community. One of the options could be that you would like to return, we offer no pressure or judgement and only want to be somewhere for people to turn.

One of the founders was the first in the UK to win a civil case for historical Child Sexual Abuse against the religion she was brought up in, the details for this can be found here. She also gave evidence to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) regarding her experience growing up in that community.

So, welcome, please take a look around the website and explore the options available for your new life. If we can clarify anything or you would just like to chat with someone, get in touch either via email or use the forms to request a call from us, we would love to speak with you.

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