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Do you find yourself questioning the religious beliefs or rules of the community in which you live? Are you in a position where you have lost your support network or community or face the prospect of losing themIf so you have already taken the first step by finding your way to this website. We know how brave this was, so well done. It took courage to make this choice. Whatever the nature of the community you are doubting or seeking to escape you are welcome here, whether you are leaving a religious community where you find yourself no longer agreeing with the theological teaching or from any other kind of community where you felt trapped.  

Escape was set up by people who left the religious community in which they were brought up. 

There are many barriers to leaving a community in which you are unhappy and once outside, adapting to a new life. The founders of Escape know this because they have faced these challenges. They want to support those going through the process now, to enable the smoothest transition into a new life and community by working with individuals to find the right path for them. 

Regardless of the type of closed or insular communities that you come from, we are here for you. This is your path though, this is your decision. We are here, if you want us, to show you all the amazing opportunities that are out there for you and that you are now able to embrace.

Escape was set up by two sisters who suffered years of abuse within the religious community to which they belonged. Having dealt with the complex feelings of wanting to remain loyal to friends and family and their community, whilst also desperate to be safe, they wanted to reach out to others who are in that situation now. By setting up a team and working with different agencies the goal is to provide easily accessible information on options and available support for those leaving closed communities. Being available to offer advice, if desired, on using those services we hope to be a sounding board for those planning their future. We also provide small grants for people in situations where they need resources to escape their communities, thereby offering the physical means to enable them to begin to build a new life.

Everybody's story is of course different, yet the barriers faced by those suffering abuse within a community in reporting that abuse are similar, as are the problems faced by people who have doubts which they know they cannot speak openly about.  Staying safe sometimes means seeking help outside of that community, this is not always easy. It can mean that those within the community disown them if they go outside of that community, going so far as to no longer even talk to them if they do. There is no way to express how painful this is. We cannot mend that heartbreak, what we can do is connect people together who have had similar experiences and signpost individuals to recommended sources of counselling and support.

Where to start......


You may have given limited thought to your wellbeing, dedicating your time and energy to serving your community. You may have been told that practices such as yoga are wrong.

Focussing on your wellbeing is so important during and following leaving a closed community. Your priority right now should be you. You matter. You deserve to be happy. You are not the first nor will you be the last to be in this position, you are not alone.

Following this link leads you to some simple yet effective self-care techniques that are easily practised without anyone knowing. This is especially important if you still live with family members who do not have your feelings about wanting to leave. Simple practices such as mindfulness can help reduce stress and enable you to focus on what matters, which is you.


This is probably a very stressful time however it is important to have some fun, explore the different ways you would like to enjoy yourself when you are able to choose for yourself. Follow this link for just a few suggestions of different clubs and activities that you may wish to consider. 


As we have already said you are not the first person to be in this situation, follow this link to organisations offering further information on the support and help that is available.

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